Bylaws / Code of Ethics

I believe that the welfare of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is of paramount importance. It supersedes any other commitment to Cavaliers, whether that be personal, competitive or financial.  Therefore I agree to act in accordance with the following Code of Ethics at all times and I understand that actions contrary to the Code may be grounds for disciplinary measures to be taken by the Board of Directors of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA, Inc.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA, Inc. (hereafter referred to as CKCSC) is a Club composed of members devoted to the continued betterment of the breed, who put this interest well ahead of any commercial consideration.  The following Code of Ethics is predicated upon this fundamental philosophy.


I understand that all records compiled by the CKCSC depend entirely upon the accuracy of the information I provide.  Therefore I will register every eligible Cavalier owned, bred or imported by me, in accordance with the CKCSC Procedures for Registration and Transfer of Dogs.  I will maintain complete and accurate records of each litter I breed and register each puppy individually, as follows:

A.   For the sire and dam:

1.      CKCSC registered name, number (or accepted foreign registry name and number), color and date of birth.

2.      Names and addresses of registered owners.

3.      Dates of actual breedings.

B.   For the resulting litter:

1.      Date of whelping.

2.      Number, color and sex of puppies delivered.

3.      Name, sex and registration number of each puppy surviving.

4.      Name and address of owner of each puppy transferred.


I realize that the purpose of breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is to attempt to bring their natural qualities to perfection in accordance with the breed standard.  There exists a constant danger that ignorant or disreputable breeders may, by improper practices, produce physically, mentally or temperamentally unsound specimens to the detriment of the breed.  I will consult with the breeder of the dog I own and/or with some other experienced breeder before undertaking any breeding.

    A.   If I decide to breed a litter, I will:

1.      To the best of my ability be selective with respect to the conformation, physical well-being and temperament of the pair to be mated.

2.      Breed only after a careful study and understanding of the breed standard, as it applies to the pedigrees of the two dogs involved, and to the dogs themselves.

3.      Breed only Cavaliers registered with or eligible for registration with the CKCSC.

4.      Be prepared to provide the proper care for both the bitch and her litter, and to retain the puppies for as long as is necessary to assure their placement in suitable homes.

5.      Never breed from or to any Cavalier known to me to have an inheritable disqualifying, disabling or potentially disabling defect.

6.      Register with CKCSC, in accordance with the Club’s Procedures for Registration and Transfer of Dogs, each of my Cavalier litters whelped in the USA.

   B.   As the owner of a stud dog, I realize that I must exercise exemplary conduct in the use of my dog in order to abide by the standards set forth in this Code of Ethics.  Therefore I will:

1.      Use my dog only on bitches which I feel are an asset to the breed, whose owners agree to conform to this Code of Ethics.

2.      Supply a duly signed Stud Service Certificate at the time of mating.

3.      Be as helpful as possible in assisting the owner of the bitch with the placement of any puppies resulting from the use of my dog.

4.      Provide one free return service by the same dog for a bitch which has failed to conceive or to whelp a viable litter, as long as the dog is still in my ownership.

     C.   As the owner of a brood bitch, I realize that I must exercise exemplary conduct in breeding from her in order to abide by the standards set forth in this Code of Ethics.  Therefore I will not:

1.      Breed a bitch before she is one year old, and then only if she is sufficiently mature and in excellent health; nor breed a bitch that has reached her eighth birthday.

2.      Allow a bitch to whelp more than two litters during any three consecutive seasons.

3.      Allow a bitch to carry to term and rear more than six litters in her lifetime.


A.   I will provide all puppies with proper veterinary and home care, which includes:

1.      Checking into the removal of dewclaws, including hind dewclaws if present.  The CKCSC strongly recommends the removal of front dewclaws to prevent the eyes from being damaged.

2.      The elimination of parasites, internal and external.

3.      The necessary inoculations.

4.      A properly balanced nutritional diet as recommended by my veterinarian.

B.   I will ask my veterinarian to euthanize any puppy found to be deformed or suffering from an irreversible illness.

C.   I will do my best to evaluate my Cavaliers objectively and to use for breeding only those conforming closely to the breed standard.  All others I will either have neutered before transferring them or will transfer with a CKCSC “Restricted Transfer of Dog” form, duly signed by buyer and seller, restricting the Cavalier from being used for breeding purposes.

D.   I will to the very best of my ability screen all prospective new owners to determine their suitability and their motives in acquiring a Cavalier.  Special attention will be given to the necessary commitment to financial responsibility for proper care and adequate physical facilities.

E.   I will not allow any puppy to leave for its new home before the age of eight weeks.  The CKCSC recommends ten to twelve weeks as the appropriate age for transfer.

F. I will make sure that each of my Cavaliers, upon being released to its new owner, is accompanied by the following:

1. Feeding instructions.

2. Written medical records, which will include immunizations, types of vaccines used, date(s) of inoculations, date(s) of worming if any

3. A pedigree showing at least three generations.

4. A copy of this Code of Ethics.

5. A CKCSC Membership Application form.

6. A Certificate of Health, signed by my veterinarian.

G.   I will see that the necessary forms and fees to transfer ownership are submitted to the Registration Secretary.

H.   I will encourage all new owners to have their Cavaliers checked by a veterinarian within forty-eight hours of time of acquisition.

I.   I will encourage all new owners to keep me informed concerning the development of any Cavalier obtained from me and to advise me of any problems that may develop during its lifetime, as well as of the eventual cause of death.

J.   I will ask the owner(s) of any dog acquired from me to advise me if they are unable to keep their Cavalier, so that I can either take the dog back or give every assistance in rehoming it.

K.   I understand that if I co-own a dog it is wise to have a contract drawn up, signed by both co-owners, stating the exact terms of co-ownership.

L.   I will be certain that any advertising I do of my Cavaliers, written or oral, is factual and honest in both substance and implication.


I will remember at all times that the CKCSC exists to protect and improve the breed and that these aims must be uppermost in all activities within the breed.

A.   I will:

1.      Try to educate each owner or interested person and to be constructive as well as instructive in my comments.

2.      Always demonstrate good sportsmanship both inside and outside the show ring.

3.      Behave in a manner that will be conducive to the advancement of our breed and our Club.

4.      Provide my dog(s) with adequate exercise, proper diet and the necessary inoculations.

5.      Maintain sanitary conditions for my dog(s).

6.      Make every effort to do what is best for my Cavalier, including house-breaking and general training, so he will become a dog which is a pleasure to live with.

7.      Assure that my Cavalier has good medical care throughout his lifetime, even if he develops a chronic or acute illness or condition, and make sure he is given euthanasia when I know this has become necessary, realizing these are the responsibilities of dog ownership.

8.      Conform to Section III of this Code should it ever become necessary to sell, give away or otherwise rehome my Cavalier(s).

B.   I will not:

1.      Knowingly falsify pedigree or breeding information.

2.      Sell Cavaliers to pet shops either on consignment or outright.

3.      Supply Cavaliers for auctions, raffles or other such enterprises.

4.      Knowingly sell to unethical breeders or sell to persons whose intention to resale is known or suspected.

5.      Purchase any Cavalier or any litter for resale either to an individual or a commercial establishment.

6.      Maliciously degrade another member’s Cavalier, Kennel, or practices.

C.   In all questions of ethics not covered by this Code I will act in the best interest of the breed at all times.


 A.   I will not exhibit in an Official Conformation Class any Cavalier which has been changed in appearance or gait by artificial means, except for the removal of its dewclaws and the optional docking of its tail.  The term “artificial means” covers any attempt to alter the appearance or gait of the dog, whether it be by coloring, trimming, surgery or other method.

B.   When I exhibit my Cavalier(s) I will be considerate of all other exhibitors and their dogs, remembering that I, as well as my Cavalier, represent our breed and our Club.


A.   I acknowledge that a violation of the Code of Ethics may be cause for suspension or expulsion under the provisions of Article IV, Section 14 of the By-Laws of the CKCSC.

B.   I understand that it is my responsibility to notify an Officer or a Director if I suspect a violation of this Code.

C.   I understand that an appeals methods will be established by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the CKCSC, whereby a member found guilty of a violation of this Code may appeal that decision.

D.   I understand that members of the Board of Directors may not take an active part in decisions which personally affect them.


It is recognized that legitimate exceptions to this Code of Ethics may arise from time to time.  In such cases, any member may request that the problem be reviewed by the President, or the President’s designee(s), who will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Furthermore, in certain cases, upon sufficient evidence and under conditions where the welfare of the breed is assured, the Board of Directors may waive any of the foregoing provisions.