COTW Events

August 31 - September 3, 2018 Robert L. Smith Memorial Speciality -"Denim And Diamonds"

Location: Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport Hotel, Denver, CO

Puppy Sweepstakes, 3 Conformation point Shows, Performance Trials, Junior Showmanship, Health Clinics, Seminar ( Whelping and Neo Natal care, presented by Myra Savant Harris) Rescue Activities, Live and Silent Auctions, National BOD Meeting, COTW BOD Meeting, Cocktail Banquet, Open Forum with National BOD

Sweeps - Dr. Bruce Henry, Shirmont/USA
Saturday - Mr. Michael Levy, Pascavale/UK
Sunday - Ms. Rachel Venier, Orchardhill/USA
Monday - Mr. Philip Lovel, Lovetrac/UK

Performance Judges:
Susan Oviatt-Harris, AKC, Two Obedience Trials ( Sat)
Julie Yamane, AKC, Two Rally Trials ( Sun)
Patricia Maynard, AKC Rally/Obedience ( Mon)

Show Chairs:
COTW BOD and Members Show Contact: John Goodwin, (303) 8078870

September 15 - 16, 2018

COTW Supported Health Clinic
Electric City Kennel Club, Montana Expo Park. Great Falls, MT
Clinic Chair - Joyce Kay Holt

January 4 - 7, 2019, COTW M. Anne Shapiro Memorial Speciality

Location: Warner Center Marriott Hotel, Woodland Hills, CA
Three Championship Point Shows, Puppy/ Veteran Sweepstakes, Performance Trials, Trick Dog, Junior Showmanship, Health Clinics, Seminar, Live/Silent Auctions, Appreciation Banquet, COTW BOD Meeting

Fri Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes - Dr. Bruce Henry, Shirmont, USA
Saturday - Mrs. Elaine Berwick, Merrylaine, UK
Sunday - Ms. Katherine Kates, Darane, USA
Monday - Mrs. Marian Mynott, Honeybet, UK

Performance Judges:

Show Chair:
COTW BOD and Membership

Hotel Details
Woodland Center Marriott Hotel, 21850 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Hotel Direct Line: ( 818) 887-4800
Room Rates: $ 144.00 per night $ 75.00 pet fee.
Upon inspection of room, $ 25.00 refunded. $ 50.00 kept by hotel for carpet cleaning
Reservation Deadline: 12/14/18 Reservation Code: Cavaliers of the West

July 4 - 7, 2019, COTW Speciality

Oakland Airport Hilton Hotel, Oakland CA

Three Championship Shows, Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes, Performance Trials, Trick Dog, Junior Showmanship, Health Clinics, Seminars, Live/Silent Auctions, COTW AGM, Awards/ Volunteers Appreciation Banquet

Thurs Puppy/ Veteran Sweepstakes - Ms. Liz Keane, Keane, USA
Friday - Mr. Cesar Cotes, Londoncor, UK
Saturday - Mrs. Anne Eckersley, Chadwick, USA
Sunday - Mr. Mark Smith, Aranel, UK

Performance Judges:

Show Chair:
Show Chairs:COTW BOD and Membership

Performance Chairs:

Hotel Details
Oakland Airport Hilton Hotel 1 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA 94621 Hotel Direct Line: ( 510) 635-5000
More information to follow

There will be no COTW September 2019 Show as COTW will be hosting the 2019 National Speciality in October.

October 10-13, 2019, 58th National Speciality Show Weekend

Location: Warner Center Marriott Hotel. Woodland Hills, CA

58th National Speciality Show Weekend, CKCSC, USA Annual General Membership Meeting, three Conformation Shows, Puppy/ Veteran Sweepstakes, Junior Showmanship, Top Twenty, People's Choice Awards Gala Buffet, Seminars, Live Auction at the national Awards Banquet, Ring Side Silent Auction, Performance Trials, Trick Dog Evaluations, Special Parades featuring Veterans, Conformation and Performance Title Holders, Health Clinics and more!

Thurs Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes: Ms. Katherine Kates, Darane, USA
Friday - Trudy Brown Albrecht Memorial Rally: Mrs. Carol Jenkins, Hollambrie, UK
Saturday -National Speciality Show: Mrs. Alix Jauffret, Passeriphane, France
Sunday - Elizabeth I. Spaulding Memorial Show: Mrs. Pat Lander, Jayba, USA

Performance Judges:

Show Chair:

Performance Chairs:

More information to follow

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